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OSRS Script Factory

Create your own custom unique scripts with ZERO programming knowledge required! Enjoy our easy to use GUI that lets you choose the methods you want to use, without having to worry about any coding! There is also a completely FREE Script Repository that is built into the script where you may download pre-made scripts to use, or edit, without any additional costs! We have a community of scripters who are dedicated to providing free high-quality scripts that you may benefit from. New scripts are placed on the Script Repository every week, so stay tuned for new releases! Make sure to join our Discord to hear the latest news and updates with OSRS Script Factory. We would love for you to come try it today!

AIO Hunter

AIO Hunter is one of the most sophisticated bots around, that is sure to surpass any of your expectations. Supporting almost every available hunting npc in the game, there is surely something for you to catch. With the help of progression mode, hunting has never been so easy. All you have to do is press one button and the bot will go from level 1-99 without ever having to touch it. The script also supports Black chinchompa hunting with a fully integrated Anti-pk system. Not to mention, the script also does quests such as the Varrock museum, as well as the entire Eagle's Peak quest. Also, receiving updates has never been so simple. Choose from either SMS text messages or emails to always know how your bot is doing! With updates being released all the time, this is surely a script you don't want to miss out on.

Project OSRS (Fishing, Mining, Woodcutting)

The newest script to the group is Project OSRS. Designed for your convenience, Project OSRS progressively levels any of the following skills: Fishing, Mining, and Woodcutting. However, if you would like to simply stick with gathering one resource instead of progressively leveling, you may choose to do so as well. Designed with consumers in mind, a script this large has never been so simple to use. All the hard work is taken care of for you! All you have to do is select what skill you would like to train, and hit go! Limited spots are available, so grab your copy before they run out!

Bank Organizer

Introducing the only bank organizer on the market that is filled with custom methods to ensure excellent performance at an incredible speed. A simple to use GUI allows you to categorize how you would like your bank layout to look for your specific needs. With over 6,000 current in-game items supported, and more on the way, this script will get any messy bank looking organized in no time!

Jug of Wine Maker

One of the fastest cooking methods in the game is undoubtedly Jugs of Wine. By combining two of the most available items in the game, achieving 99 cooking is both fast and affordable! The script supports many locations, including bankers and Grand Exchange Clerks. Gaining cooking levels has never been so easy!

AFK Splasher

An easy, and affordable, method of training to get your magic levels up is splashing. Essentially a complete AFK training method, you can go until you run out of runes before ever having to interact with your player. The script supports all splashing spells, and even knows how to handle if you would like to use autocasting or not.