Clear OnMessages not working.
[Image: i8VqHxm.png]

As you can see in the picture on line 3812, if Onmessage does not contain "Someone else is fighting that" it should loot the last kill. This is because if the bot happens to try to attack a chicken already being fought and there are any Feathers or Raw chicken under that Chicken the bot will think that loot was its "last kill" and loot it.

When it does clear the Onmessage you can see that the GUI for the listener shows blank but line 3812 still returns "Onmessage not cleared!". Meaning that the message "Someone else is fighting that" still exists somewhere even though line 3813 does not recognize that the Onmessage exists.

If I were to remove "If onMessage does not contain - [Someone else is fighting that., All]" from line 3812, the looting will work just fine, but loot also for the False kills.

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