[Release] v1.50
  • Added new script loading and saving methods (Introduction to Donor and Private scripts)
  • Added a new check for default periods when saving scripts with Timers
  • Added the ability to pause/play scripts using CTRL + p
  • Added the ability to edit Timer values
  • Fixed a bug loading Popup messages
  • Minor fixes

Donor Scripts:

Some Scripters on PPOSB have decided that they would like to do more for the community and release "Donor-Only" scripts. These scripts will be for people who have donated to support our community. The authors of these scripts have asked their work to be Donor-only, it is not my decision. You may see Donor-only scripts on the Script Repository, however you will not be allowed to download them unless you are a Donor. I want to personally say thank you to all the Scripters who are releasing Donor-Only scripts to help our community grow, as well as everyone who has already donated to our amazing community! Hopefully 2021 will bring more awesome updates and great potential! 

Private Scripts:

More information coming soon!
OSRS Script Factory
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