AFK Splasher - Features
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- supports all the main splashing spells
- unbreakable
- extremely stable
- designed for most exp per hour
- cheap and easy way to 99 magic
- detailed paint
- super simple to run
- smart hop available
- multiple fail-safe protection

What is Smart Hop?

Smart hop is a technique I've used in a lot of my script that comes in handy! It allows a player to hop worlds when another player is x amount of tiles away. Basically, it is set on a random basis. This means that if someone comes within 4-7 tiles from you, your player will hop worlds. Why should you hop? Well, by hopping worlds, you are not allowing players to communicate with yo Smart Hop will NOT work if you're player is in combat. Meaning if you're splashing an NPC, and the NPC can hit you (whether it hits 0's on your or not), you are considered to be in combat. The way to use Smart Hop correctly is by splashing monsters that are in cages or behind an object that they can't reach you.


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